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Conveyor components
Belts, sheave components, chains, sprockets
Bearings, sealings
Hoses, high pressure hoses, tubes, fittings
Metal hoses, compensators
Hydraulic components
Cardan shafts
Motors, reducers, muffs
Vehicle for metallurgy
Machine building components
Glass industry components
Pumps (hydro, oil)
SNIF aluminium refining products
High pressure waterjet pumping systems

Glass industry

The company Technotrade supplies glass manufacturing plants of Russia with a wide range of imported spare parts.

In the Russian market, we offer blades for dose-meters by companies Fond Metalli Conveyors, RUREX and PUTSCH. Blades for dose-meters are manufactured from stainless steel alloys. They are used in a process of manufacturing the bottles, containers, home glassware, technical, optical and crystal glass, as well as heavy wares weighting up to 5 kg.

We also offer metal networks for transporters manufactured by the company Fond Metalli Conveyors. The networks are capable of working in corrosive environment, or under conditions of extreme temperature from -50°С to +1150°С.
Quality of material is selected depending on a purpose use of the belt.
Networks for transporters are manufactured from carbon and heavily alloyed steel, specialized alloys on basis of nickel, cobalt, titanium and molybdenum.

Plus to blades and networks, company Technotrade also offers noiseless conveyer chains with reversed teeth, and devices for transportation of glass packaging at a hot end.


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